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PCB Design Layout Cost Estimator

Enter Project Information

Please enter information about you and your project. Required fields are marked with an asterisk.

If your electronics design was done on paper or in software not listed, specify "Other" or contact VPI directly to obtain a quote.

If you do not have a preference for the software VPI will use to create your PCB layout, please select "Any".

Enter Printed Circuit Board Size
PCB Dimensions (in):
Cut-outs, notches:
Additional Cut-outs:

Please enter the dimensions of up to 2 cut-outs and/or notches. Area for these cut-outs will be calculated from the X and Y dimensions and subtracted from the total board size. If your board is circular or has curves, please contact VPI directly for a quote.

Enter Estimated Number of Components

Enter the estimated number of discrete components and the estimated total number of all pins on all of the discrete components that will be assembled onto your PCB. Enter the estimated number of Integrated Circuits (ICs) and the estimated total number of all pins from all ICs. Enter the estimated total number of any other components and their associated pins. Enter estimated numbers for both Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Through Hole components.

Total Estimated SMT Components Pins
Total Thru Hole Components Pins

Layout Cost Estimate:


Total Components
Total Pins
Total PCB Area
Component Density
Set-up Fees
PCB Layout Cost
Component Density Cost
Fab/Assembly Drawings


PCB Package


Total Estimate
Completion (in business days)
Discount Considerations

We can provide you a discount for the following options!

You will receive a 10% discount for providing compatible netlist data in the CAD format selected above.

You will receive an additional 10% discount for providing a PCB database containing the components and nets ready for placement.

If you have duplicate or replicated circuits that can be copied and repeated you will qualify for an additional discount.

If your PCB is conducive to auto-routing and you allow for that option you will qualify for a discount on that time saving capability.

Special Layout Considerations:

The below options may affect the overall cost for circuit board layout and design. These options will not reflect a change in the estimated cost provided on this page. Please contact VPI directly to obtain an actual quote.

The calculator on the right gives an estimated cost for designing and laying out your printed circuit board. Please note that this is an estimate only and not to be construed as an actual quotation.

Please contact VPI directly to obtain an actual quote. Click on the Submit for Quote button below to submit your information to VPI and request a quotation for your project.

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